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ques tantra.playcircle & Ques moria

Level 1

1. Talk to Vartan and he'll ask you to bring him 3 Small Horn. Kill some Vasabhums outside Mandara Town and return with the needed items.

Reward/s: 10 Dahara Amrita, 200 Rupee, Chori Gloves

2. Talk to Apvas and he'll tell you to raise your level. Go out of town and kill some monsters until you level up, then return to Apvas.

Reward/s: 50 Prana, Chori Boots, 10 Dahara Amrita

3. Talk to Buvan, he'll give you Buvan's Small Kalkan. Go talk to Kirika and have her repair the shield (cost 100 Rupee). Then return to Buvan.

Reward/s: Headband, 10 Dahara Amrita

4. Talk to Kirika, she'll ask you to bring 3 Low-quality Horn to Vananta.

Reward/s: 100 prana, 10 Dahara Amrita

5. Go back to Kirika to complete the quest.

Reward/s: 500 Rupee, Chori Pants

6. Talk to Apvas, he'll send you to kill 10 Mlecchas with party. You don't actually need party for this. Just talk to him, go kill the needed Mlecchas, and return to him.

Reward/s: 200 Prana, 500 Rupee, 10 Dahara Amrita, Chori Armor

Level 8

1. Talk to Anjani. Then talk to Vartan. Then talk to Buvan. He'll ask you to find his missing items by killing Mlecchas Caura. Kill them until you get the requested item.

Reward/s: 2000 Rupee, Tribe item ("of the Ground" weapon)

2.Talk to Vartan, he'll ask you to bring him 5 High Horns. Kill some Vrcadara to get them, and return to Vartan. Then he'll ask you to bring him 5 Medicines High Horn from Saraa Vrca.

Reward/s: 2000 Rupee, Vartan's Strong Sword

3. Talk to Apvas to complete the quest.

4. Apvas will tell you to deliver messages to Badru in Sporvada and Kananta in Convention Temple.

Reward/s: 2000 Prana, 20 Dahara Amrita

5. Talk to Buvan, he'll ask you to find Ruined item of Buvan by killing Mlecchas Karmana.

Reward/s: 1 Illa, Leather Sack, 3000 Rupee

6. Bring Leather Sack from Mlecchas Karmana quest and find a boy in Tomb of Avatara. Then bring him to Apvas.

Reward/s: 3000 Prana, 1 Illa

Level 10

Talk to Apvas and choose change class.

Reward/s: Class Weapon
- Satvan gets Satvan's Hand Axe.
- Duvanta gets Duvanta's Dagger.
- Nirvana gets Nirvana's Glove.
- Mantrika gets Mantrika's Staff.

Level 15

1. According to your tribe, you'll talk to different people and get different quests.
Naga/Kimnara : talk to Apvas and he'll ask 10 Big Fangs from Aprah Varaha Raja
Ashura/Rakshasa: talk to Buvan
Yaksa/Gandarva : talk to Ashuri
Deva/Garuda : talk to Kirika

Reward/s: 5000 Prana, 5000 Rupee, Acchada Armor of Protection

2. Talk to Apvas, he'll ask you to kill 10 Boa. Then he'll ask you to collect 10 Mara's Blood from Serbinda.

Reward/s: 7000 Prana, 7000 Rupee, 2 Anahata

3. Talk to Karan, he'll ask you to bring him 10 Mara's Black Blood from Serbinda Satvan.

Reward/s: 2 chakra upgrade items, 10000 Rupee, 8000 Prana

Level 20

1. Talk to Amar in Shambala Ruin. He'll order you to kill 30 Ulkamukha. After that, he'll order you to kill 15 Ulkamukha Caura.

Reward/s: 30000 Rupee, 20000 Prana, 20 Panaka

2. Talk Amar, and he'll ask you to deliver his message to his brother Apvas in Mandara. Go to Apvas, then he will tell you to pick Apvas' Blanket for his brother in Kirika. Then go back to Amar.

Reward/s: Chavi God of Force, 20000 Prana, 50000 Rupee

3. Talk to Mahomet in Shambala Ruin. He'll ask you to deliver his message to Anjali in Mandara.

Reward/s: 10197 Prana

4. Then head back to Shambala and talk to Mahomet.

Reward/s: 20000 Prana, 30000 Rupee, Bracelet God of Force

Level 25

Talk to Amar the Brave, and he'll ask you to kill 30 Heruka in the Town of Ruins area.

Reward/s : 30000 Rupee, 20000 Prana, 1 Azis

Level 30

Bring Vartan's Strong Sword to Bivban. He'll then ask you to find Ancient Sword, so go kill some Ananga until you get the needed item. Return to Bivban. He'll give you a message and you must go to Vartan in Mandara. Return to Bivban again.

Reward/s: 1 azis, 20 Spara Panaka, 100000 Rupee, 100000 Prana

Level 35

1. Talk to Saranu in A'Nu Town. She'll ask you to deliver her clothing to Kirika, but first she'll ask you to collect 10 Tough Leather from Kaulitara. Give them to Saranu, then bring her Sharanu's Leather Cloth and Sharanu's Message to Kirika. Kirika will give you Kirika's Message and an imperfect Kirika's Rucaka. Then head back to Saranu.

Reward/s: 100000 Prana, 50000 Rupee, Saranu's tribe headbands
- Naga/Kimnara gets Zipra of Saranu
- Ashura/Rakshasa gets Ziromani of Saranu
- Yaksa/Gandarva gets Lothana of Saranu
- Deva/Garuda gets Darbi of Saranu

2. Bring the imperfect Kirika's Rucaka to Nara. He'll ask you to bring him 10 Sorcery Book from Pizac Aggana/Aggana Tara and 10000 Rupee.

Reward: 50000 Rupee, Revived Kirika's Rucaka

3. Talk to Bivban. He'll ask you to get a Phalaka from Saranu, so talk to Saranu. She'll ask you to bring 5 Azna Stone Heart from Azna Heruka. Go collect them and return to her. She'll give you Unfinished Phalaka of Life.

Reward/s: 50000 Prana

4. Bring the shield to Bivban. He'll ask you to deliver it to Karan in Mandara Town. Karan will ask 10 bottles of Panaka to do his part.

Reward/s: 50000 Prana

5. Bring the shield back to Bivban. Now he'll ask you to bring him 1 Jewel of Life and 10 Tough Leather to finalize the shield.

Reward/s: Phalaka of Life, 50000 Prana

Level 40

1. Talk to Saranu in A'Nu Town. She'll give you Saranu's Prediction and ask you to find person who can read it. Go to Mandara and show the item to Karan the potion seller. He'll give you Karan's Historical Book.

Reward/s: 100000 Prana, 30000 Rupee

2. Go back to A'Nu and give the book to Saranu.

Reward/s: 100000 Prana, 30000 Rupee

3. Talk to Nara. He'll ask you to get Voucher of King from Zarku in Shambala Dungeon. Kill Zarku until you get the item, then return to Nara. He'll give you the unfinished Ring of Hero.

Reward/s: 100000 Prana, 50000 Rupee

4. Talk to Bivban. He'll ask you to bring him Spirit Stone from Zarku Rudhira to perform his part of the Ring of Hero.

Reward/s: 100000 Prana, 50000 Rupee

5. Talk to Saranu. She'll ask you to get Tears of the Dead (Lion's Tear) from Ghorayogi in Shambala Dungeon.

Reward/s: 100000 Prana, 50000 Rupee

6. Talk to Amar in Shambala Town. He'll order you to find Light Dragon's Scale from Nagamudra in Shambala Dungeon.

Reward/s: Ring of the Brave

Level 45

Upgrading into the 2nd class needs you to run some quests from Zangzu in Jina Town. You'll be given three quests; Test of Wisdom, Test of Justice, and depends on which type your character will be, the third Test will be different.

Satya, Karya, Vidya, and Samabat will get Test of Preserverance.
Banar, Druka, Nakayuda, and Abikara will get Test of Destruction.

Test of Wisdom
Talk to Zongkui in Jina Town, he'll ask you to talk to Moriya in
A'Nu Town. Go to A'Nu Town and talk to Moriya, and she'll give you

Level 45

1. Talk to Elder Zangzu and accept the (Reserved) quest.

2. Talk to Fighting Monk Iddungddashu.

3. Hunt 30 Zaku

4. Talk to Fighting Monk Iddungddashu.

Reward/s:50k pranas, 60 Utara Panaka

5. Hunt Zaku Gosu until you get an Operation Order.

6. Talk to Fighting Monk Iddungddashu.

Reward/s: 100k rupiahs, 200k pranas

7. Talk to Elder Zangzu. Confirmed Operation Order.

8. Talk to Armor Salesman Wangddaopo.

9. Hunt Zaku Gosu until you get a (Reserved) Box Item.

10. Talk to Elder Zangzu.

Level 47

1. Talk to Armor Salesman Wanggdaopo.

Reward/s: 50k rupiahs, 200k pranas, 40 stronger iron, 40 feather of holy bird

2. Hunt Mangriang for 20 Poison Stings and Hunt Pizac Aggana for 20 Sorcery Books.

3. Talk to Armor Salesman Wangddaopo.

Reward/s: 50k Rupiahs, 200k Pranas

4. Hunt Mangriang for 30 Poison Stings and Hunt Pizac Aggana for 30 Sorcery Books.

5. Talk to Armor Salesman Wanggdaopo.

Reward/s: 75k Rupiahs, 300k Pranas

6. Talk to Bava in Shambala.

7. Talk to Armor Salesman Wanggdaopo.

8. Talk to Good Salesman Rui Shan in Jina.

9. Hunt Zinmon for 20 Craniums.

10. Talk to Goods Salesman Rui Shan. (Reserved) Skull Item.

11. Talk to Bava in Shambala.

Reward/s: 200k Pranas

12. Hunt Sinkiu. Eye Quest Item.

13. Talk to Bava.

14. Talk to Jeweler Nara in Anu Town.

Reward/s: 100k Pranas, Atman Charm, Bangle of the Wise

Level 49

1. Talk to Goods Salesman Rui Shan.

2. Talk to Weapon Salesman Ouyez.

3.. Hunt 10 Zinmon.

4. Talk to Weapon Salesman Ouyez.

Reward/s: 50k Rupiah, 200k Pranas

5. Hunt 15 Zinmon Gosu.

6. Talk to Weapon Salesman Ouyez.

Reward/s: 75k Rupiahs, 300k Pranas

7. Talk to Bava in Shambala.

8. Hunt Boyokbo. Tiger Head Quest Item.

9. Talk to Weapon Salesman Ouyez.

Reward/s: Earring of Militia Officer, 200k Pranas

Level 51

1. Talk to Bava in Shambala.

2. Talk to Elder Zangzu.

3. Talk to Good Salesman Rui Shan.

4. Collect 15 Head Decorations from Chioniokusin.

5. Collect 20 Jawbone from Zinmon Gosu.

6. Talk to Good Salesman Rui Shan.

Reward/s: 100k Rupiah, 300k Pranas

7. Talk to Saranu in Anu Town.

8. Talk to Elder Zangzu.

9. Talk to Jina Storage NPC.

Reward/s: 20 Amulet of Anubaba, 20 Utara Panaka, Quality Ziva Pustika, Surapa

Level 53

1. Talk to Jina Storage NPC

2. Talk to Bava in Shambala

3. Talk to Weaponsmith Vibvan in Anu Town.

4. Collect 20 Cow Horns from Ban.

5. Talk to Weaponsmith Vibvan in Anu Town.

Reward/s: 50k Rupiahs, 200k Pranas

6. Collect 20 Old Cow Horns from Ban Gosu.

7. Talk to Weaponsmith Vibvan in Anu Town.

Reward/s: 75k Rupiahs, 240k Pranas

8. Talk to Fighting Monk Iddungddashu.

9. Hunt 30 Kubasang.

10. Talk to Fighting Monk Iddungddashu.

Reward/s: 240k Pranas

11. Talk to Good Salesman Rui Shan in Jina Village.

12. Collect 10 Red Blood Stained Hands from Kubasang.

13. Collect 20 Sorcery Books from Pizac Aggana/Aggana Tara.

14. Talk to Good Salesman Rui Shan.

Reward/s: 300k Pranas

15. Talk to Saranu in Anu Town.

16. Hunt Chionkosu until Quest icon blinks.

17. Talk to Saranu in Anu Town.

18. Talk to Fighting Monk Iddungddashu.

Reward/s: 300k Pranas, Earring of the Wise

Level 55

1. Talk to Storehouse Keeper Borer (exile storage man)

2. Collect 66 cursed Mara horn, 40 bat wings and 20 sleek bat wings

3. Talk to Vibvan (anu weapon man) he will get your 66 Mara curse horn

Reward/s: 1M pranas, 500k rupiah, Dvanta's Spirit Stone

4. Talk to Elder Zangzu (jina elder)

Reward/s: 300k pranas

5. Talk to Jina Goods Salesman then go to Exile Goods Salesman

Reward/s: 300k pranas

6. Talk to Elder Haiddungdashu (north exile gate guard) first he will get stone then talk to him again then he will get both wings.

Reward/s: 1M pranas

Level 57

1. Talk to Discipling monk Usong (west exile gate), then you will have to give 100k rupiah to him

2. Talk to Discipling monk Ryuzshun

Reward/s: 300k pranas

3. Talk to Elder Haiddungdashu (north exile gate)

4. Talk to fighting monk iddungdangshu (jina village)

Reward/s: 300k pranas

5. Talk to Elder Zangzu (jina village)

6. Talk to Elder Haiddungddashu (north exile gate)

Reward/s: 300k pranas

Level 59

1. Talk to Elder Haiddungddashu and accept the quest

2. Talk to priest vananta (mandara)

3. Talk to discipling monk (anu storage man)

4. Then kill 10 each of the ff. monsters

Level 61

1. Collect 60 red rose and 20 branch

2. Talk to Maid Ssunalang (east of exile) the lady npc

3. Talk Storehouse Keeper Borer (exile storage man) needs 30 red rose

Reward/s: 300k pranas

4. Talk to Borer again you will get 2 invisible items (Bouquet and Letter)

Reward/s: 500k pranas, 500k rupiahs

5. Talk to Zongkui (Jina storage man)

Reward/s: 300k pranas

6. Go back to Storehouse Keeper Borer (exile storage man)

Reward/s: 300k pranas

7. Talk to him again (needs 30 red rose and 20 branch)

Reward/s: 500k rupiahs and 1M pranas, Rose basket item

8. Talk to Zongkui (Jina storage man) again

Reward: 500k pranas

9. Go back to Borer

Reward/s: 500k pranas, 500k rupiahs

Level 63

1. Talk to Farmer Shunnongs

2. Talk to Exile Good Salesman Ryupuwei

Reward/s: 300k pranas

3. Collect 40 smell ghosts arms (yakku) and 10 hell's head (yomrabyang)

4. Go to Good Salesman Ryupuwei

Reward/s: 500k pranas, 500k rupiahs

5. Talk to Farmer Shunnongs

Reward/s: 500k pranas, 100k rupiahs

6. Talk to Maid Ssunalang (east part of exile)

Reward/s: 1M pranas, 1M rupiah,
100 pcs Ultima Amrita (HP 800 recover),
100 pcs Ultima Panaka (TP 800 recover),
1 accessory random (Life Kakana of Ajaka or Strong Kambu or Bravery Karna)

Level 65 - The Grave Diggers

1. Bicaralah pada North Guard Haidungddashu
2. Kumpulkan 1 Peta Usang
3. Bawa Peta Usang ke Penjaga Utara Haidungddashu
Hadiah: 1 juta prana
4. Pergilah ke Lu Shun
5. Kumpulkan 40 Serbuk Mesiu
6. Kembalilah ke Lu Shun
Hadiah: 1 juta prana
7. Pergilah ke Huang Da Po
8. Kumpulkan 20 Peta Kain Katun
9. Pergilah ke Lu Bu Wei
Hadiah: 1 juta prana
10. Kembalilah ke Huang Da Po
Hadiah: 1 juta prana, Mendapatkan Restored Medicine
11. Kembalilah ke Lu Shun
Hadiah: 1 juta Pranas, Mendapatkan Restored Map
12. Kembalilah ke Haidungddashu
Hadiah: 4.6 juta prana, Money Item

Level 67 - Doll Maker

1. Bicaralah pada Lu Bu Wei
2. Kumpulkan 10 Kepala Thoyong, 10 Topi Baja Hwangbyoung, 10 Angu Thoyong, 10 Hyung Gap Hwang Byoung, 10 Kaki Thoyong, 10 Sin Gap Hwang Byoung
3. Kembalilah ke Lu Bu Wei
4. Pergilah ke Priest Vananta
Hadiah: 1 juta prana, Mendapatkan Ressurected Head of Tongon
5. Pergilah ke Kirika
Hadiah: 1 juta prana, Mendapatkan Ressurected Helm of Hwangbyon
6. Pergilah ke Monk (Anu Store Keeper)
Hadiah: 1 juta prana, Mendapatkan Ressurected Eye of Tongon
7. Pergilah ke Saranu
Hadiah: 1 juta prana, Mendapatkan Ressurected Breast Plate of Tongon
8. Pergilah ke Haiddengsu
Hadiah: 1 juta prana, Mendapatkan Ressurected Item of Tongon
9. Pergilah ke Lu Bu Wei
10. Kumpulkan 10 Azna Stone Hearts, 10 Utara Amrita, 10 Utara Panaka
11. Kembalilah ke Lu Bu Wei
12. Pergilah ke Craftsman Chin (1st Room Emperors Tomb)
13. Bunuhlah Ressurected Tongon sebelum menghilang
14. Laporkan pada Craftsman Chin
Mendapatkan Bottle of Hu Li
15. Pergilah ke Lu Bu Wei
Hadiah: 6 juta prana, Emperors Amulet (bisa digunakan untuk summon Tongon di dalam Emperors Tomb, akan berakhir 2 menit)

Level 69 - The Altar of the Dead

1. Pergilah ke Zangzu. Kumpulkan 10 Pedang Jenderal, 10 Istana, 10 Panji Panji Pasukan Bukdusong. Kembalilah ke Zangzu
Hadiah: 4 juta prana
2. Pergilah ke Biksu Vananta.
Hadiah: 4 juta prana
3. Pergilah ke Pots dan donate 1Juta rupees. Kembalilah ke Zangzu di Jina. Kumpulkan 10 Gems of Spirit, 10 Ancient Sorcery Books, 10 Charm of the Hero, 10 Stone Heart, 1 Juta rupee, 5 Azis dan 1 Surapa. Kembalikan item-item itu ke Zangzu (harus punya 1 jt Rupee di inventory)
Hadiah: 8 juta prana, Rare Accessory

Level 71 - The never ending fun of learning

1. Pergilah ke Zonkui. Bunuh 4 cebol di library to kumpulkan bukunya. (PARTY mendapatkan BONUS PRANA @ monster 500.000 prana). Kembalilah ke Zonkui. Pergilah ke Zangzu, who turns the books into a charm
5. Pergilah ke Chin di Tomb untuk menukarkan charm itu dengan item lvl 74 (ada kemungkinan mendapatkan rare item (darkness).
Hadiah: 8 juta prana, 1 Purajati, Charm for Item/Item

Level 73 - The respose of the dead

1. Pergilah ke Zangzu
2. Kumpulkan Topi Perunggu, Baju Perunggu dan Papan Nama Pasukan Hwang dari the 3 Che monster di Tomb
3. Kembalilah keZangzu
4. Pergilah ke New Elder Zangu di Tomb
5. Gunakan pedang yang diberikan tetua untuk membunuh Resurrected Emperor
6. Bicaralah lagi pada Elder
7. Pergilah ke Chin untuk menukarkan Charm dengan item.
Hadiah: 20 juta prana, Warrior Belt

Quest level 80 – Awakening of the Sealed Shiva

- Pergilah ke find Merchant Oda di Biryu Castle.
- Temui Miner Yume
- Kill 20 Buchin
- Lalu kembalilah ke Miner Yume
- Pergilah temui Biryu Administrator Yasuda, Hadiah: 1 juta prana
- Dapatkan Skull dari Sharakoro
- Lalu kembalilah ke Biryu Administrator Yasuda
- Temui Elder Zangzu
- Temui Armor Salesman Wangddaopo
- Pergi dan dapatkan 1 Kundala of Nerve, 2 Branch, 2 Smell Ghost Arms dan 2 Safe Hat
- Temui Elder Zangzu dengan membawa the Earring of Whisper
- Temui Penjaga gudang Gubo
- Dapatkan a Fruit dari Abi Konsa
- Lalu kembalilah ke Penjaga gudang Gubo
- Temui Goods Salesman Mamoru, Hadiah: 1 juta prana
- Dapatkan the Book of Mamoru dari Kaspa Konsa
- Lalu kembalilah ke Goods Salesman Mamoru
- Temui Jeweler Ashuri, Hadiah: 1 juta prana
- Dapatkan a Yakku Member dari Yakku
- Lalu kembalilah ke Jeweler Ashuri
- Temui Goods Salesman Mamoru with the Potion, Hadiah: 2 juta prana

Quest Level 82
- The Queen of Karya

- Temui Darksa,
- Temui Blacksmith Vartan
- Dapatkan a Steel Piece dari Dae Mi di Emperor’s Tomb
- Lalu kembalilah ke Blacksmith Vartan, Hadiah: 1 juta prana
- Temui Penjaga gudang Zongkui
- Dapatkan 10 Decoration Oxhorns dari Bull King
- Temui Salesman Lu Shun, Hadiah: 1 juta prana
- Dapatkan 10 Tiger’s Leather dan 10 White Tiger’s Leather
- Dapatkan 5 Cabinet of Nali, 5 Gentle Leather, 5 Safe Hat, 5 Kaspa Back Shell
- Kembali ke Darksa, Hadiah: 300k Prana
- Temui Elder Haiddungddashu di Exile
- Hunt 20 Ban Zankun
- Lalu kembalilah ke Elder Haiddungddashu
- Dapatkan Eye of Dead Body dari Bongbo
- Lalu kembalilah ke Elder Haiddungddashu , Hadiah: 2 juta prana
- Temui Biksu Vananta
- Dapatkan a piece of Moon dari Kyukrong
- Lalu kembalilah again to Vananta
- Temui Weapon Man Vibvan
- Dapatkan 10 Hand of Stained Blood dari Monk Ghost
- Lalu pergilah ke Biksu Vananta, Hadiah: 500k Pranas
- Temui Weapon Salesman Ouyez di Jina Village
- Dapatkan Yomrabyang Flesh dari Yomrabyang di Temple of Fire
- Lalu kembalilah ke Weapon Salesman Ouyez, Hadiah: Kali’s Belt masing-masing suku, 2 juta prana

Quest Level 84 – Free the soul of the Four Warriors

- Temui Goods Salesman Mamoru
- Hunt 20 Kaspa Saka
- Lalu kembalilah ke Goods Salesman Mamoru, Hadiah: 2 juta prana
- Temui Penjaga gudang Zongkui di Jina Village
- Hunt 30 Balastha Tundela
- Lalu kembalilah ke Penjaga gudang Zongkui, Hadiah: 1 juta prana
- Temui Jeweler Ashuri
- Dapatkan a Yuv Candle dari Bongbo
- Lalu kembalilah ke Jeweler Ashuri, Hadiah: 2 juta prana
- Temui Goods Salesman Mamoru
- Temui Biryu Administrator Yasuda
- Temui Craftsman Kirika
- Dapatkan 10 Tooth of Boraga
- Lalu kembalilah ke Craftsman Kirika, Hadiah: 1 juta prana
- Temui Biryu Administrator Yasuda
- Bunuhlah 1 Chandi Ashura
- Lalu kembalilah ke Yasuda, Hadiah: 6 juta prana
- Bunuhlah 1 Chandi Naga
- Lalu kembalilah ke Yasuda, Hadiah: 6 juta prana
- Bunuhlah 1 Chandi Garuda
- Lalu kembalilah ke Yasuda, Hadiah: 6 juta prana
- Bunuhlah 1 Chandi Gandharva
- Lalu kembalilah ke Yasuda, Hadiah: 6 juta prana, 1 Prazaba

Quest Level 86 – Finding Jimunchana

- Temui Pharmacist Karan
- Dapatkan 10 Spider Legs dari Hadi di Mudha Dungeon
- Lalu temui Discipling Monk di Anu Village
- Dapatkan 10 Deceased Lump dari Masan
- Lalu kembalilah ke Discipling Monk, Hadiah: 4 juta prana
- Temui Blacksmith Vartan
- Dapatkan 10 Shell dari Akusra
- Lalu kembalilah ke Blacksmith Vartan, Hadiah : 4 juta prana
- Temui Darksa
- Kill Jigunchana di Mudha Dungeon (simbol 5)
- Lalu kembalilah ke Darksa, Hadiah: 10 juta prana, 1 Gavi

20 questions that you must answer. The answers are as follows:
1. Vartan
2. 10
3. Indra
4. Nagamudra Hima
5. 5050
6. Apvas
7. Exile Region
8. 1432
9. Ananga Dhevata
10. Amrita
11. 44%
12. Shambala
13. Perang 8 raja
14. 15 jenis
15. Haimayuga
16. Vananta
17. 6 jenis
18. Istana 8 raja
19. Chaturanga
20. 1/126

ACC Oda:

Gatva Neklace, Req item :
-Rucaka Magic
- Asba Ring
- 2 Bukti Peziarah
- 1Juta Rupee

Gatva Ring, Req item :
- Rucaka Wind
- Yong Ja Braclet
- 2 Bukti Peziar
- 1 Juta Rupee

Saurabi Neklace, Req item :
- Rucaka Warrior
- Asba Ring
- 2 Bukti Peziarah
- 1 Juta Rupee

Saurabi Ring, Req item :
- Rucaka Wind
- Militiary Earring
- 2 Bukti Peziarah
- 1 Juta Rupee

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In Point Blank Game Online Indonesia (or often referred to as the PB Online) has several game modes are varied and unique, like the Bomb Mission, Death Match, Annihilation and unique, Destroy Mission.

1. Dead Match: Team where the most kills or first obtain a predetermined number of kills (usually 100, 140 ff.) He is the winner
2. Bomb Mission: red team managed to put a bomb and explode it if this team a winner. Blue team instead of defusing the bomb, if successful then he is the winner. Even so the winner could be determined if there is one team that all members are slaughtered before putting BOM.
3. Eliminate: Here who teams whose members slaughtered out first he was declared lost.
4. Destroy: the red team must destroy the helicopter while the blue destroying generators
5. And there are a few other special modes that are also fun at Game Point Blank Online Indonesia. Just try it


If you have downloaded a free game point blank that has been shared in previous posts, it would have been able to play it, then fight in a city full of immigrant terrorists. But if you can not install this game then in this article I explain the steps to install the game point blank
Here is how to install the games Point Blank:
1. Check the system specifications are available on your PC, does meet the minimum requirements (minimum requirements) to install and run games this PB
2. Install DirectX and driver updates you with the latest Graphic
Install DirectX ® 9.0c or higher version and video card drivers with that version
the latest on your PC, and then install the game client as
3. Install game client
1) It would appear like this:

Memulai Install PB
2) Then you click the "Installation" to start the install process, then PB will do the loading, after it emerged a new window and click "Continue" like this:
Lanjutkan Instalasi Point Blank
3) This section is optional which is about the EULA (End User License Agreement) - read better - not too up to you, then click "I agree":
4) Select lokas "Point Blank", then select "Browse" to determine the location of Point Blank program that you install (selecting the folder or drive too), then click "Install" for installation can be started
Install Point Blank
5) Now just waiting for the "Installation Setup" on the computer you're done!
6) Viola! Game Point Blank (PB) has been successfully installed into your system, then the last step click "Close" and you're done!

Point Blank Sudah Di Install


Distance fighters close to the power without equal Warrior

There are 6 skill fight nicknamed "Authentic Six" which develops hereditary among Nevarethian. Of all the Authentic Six, "Warrior", "Blader" and "Wizard" has been developed before Nevareth Exodus, precisely the period is celebrated. In theory, when the core technology reached its golden ages, hundreds of groups to practice and learn their unique skills of each. However, the current fighting skills developed by the first 7 generations nevarethian sage based on the knowledge that survived through nevareth exodus.

"Warrior" are those who inherit an early form of "force". They rely on physical strength by using force without any retouches. So, for a Warrior, physical strength is above other forms of force.
Because they are concerned with physical strength rather than technique and speed, through which a warrior fighting dynamic and exciting to watch. On the contrary, their understanding of force manipulation is very limited. No wonder, if the intelligence they are not so considered in training.

However, experienced warriors reputedly able to awaken their latent abilities by using the Force. They could turn into a Berserker Warrior and capable mensummon Astral Weapon after enlightened soul in force.Blader
The Deadly Sword, Swordsman Sword Fastest Twin Blader

"Bladers" are those who master the "second form of force" which is derived from Nevareth Exodus. According to records Tower Of Sages, Blader skill comes from the movement of martial arts practiced in the eastern state of a forgotten era. Martial arts was invented and developed back in the period is celebrated. The first generation of 7 sage and then turn it into a fighting style Blader skill in the present.
Exercise of the Blader focus on ways to maximize the physical abilities by using the Force. Blader prefer the complicated techniques and the speed of light rather than a destructive force. At first, Blader uses a variety of weapons before they finally realize that the Sword of the Twins is the most appropriate weapon for them. Then, Sword Twin become attached to the Blader. Since then, Blader known as the knight who use single-edged Sword Twin or double as their main weapon. In order to maintain their speed, Blader choose a lightweight armor similar to "Martial Suit Set" from the Huan continent.

Three-quarter money with the Warrior, Blader has a minimal understanding of force. Impact, they are more often forge their physical strength and agility rather than deepen understanding of the force that requires intelligence

Blader said to be able to create a shadow experienced by maximizing their agility. They are also able to kill enemies at once with mensummon astral weapon which is the result of spiritual enlightenment in force.Wizard
Penhancur ultimate, Lord of force WIZARD

"Wizards" are the Knights who mastered "the ultimate form of force", which was inherited by the Tower of Sages from the period is celebrated. Wizard manipulate the Force in order to cover their physical weakness.
Just like sword skills, magic spell also comes the loss. However, one popular theory says that the magic was first used as a fighting weapon in period is celebrated. Wizard fighting style that is still growing today is the result of the development of the first 7 generations of sage. If sword skills used to maximize the physical abilities and destructive power, magic skills are not merely fighting methods. Magic skill is also a science that studies how to use force in self to manipulate external forces by creating a strong energy.

In the early days nevareth, Wizard using force controller called "Force Stick" that is residual period is celebrated. Then, after the core technology and developed successfully traced back, the Wizard divert option on the controlling force more aggressive, Orb.

Orb can be worn on one hand. That is, a wizard can use two at once in order to double the strength of orb attack. A pair of orb also allows users to launch various magic spell at a time.

Wizard spent a lot of time to increase the level of intelligence. On the other hand, physical strength and their agility level is low. No doubt, they prefer light armor such as Martial Suit Set. According to a theory that has not proven true, Wizard avoid metallic armor because it prevents contact with the outside forces. For the full experience of the Wizard, launching a variety of magic spells in the same time as easy as turning the palm of the hand. In their hands, a simple spell could be a deadly weapon.Force Archer
Force Archer
Archer who had fired deadly wind splitting FORCE ARCHER

Among the Authentic Six, "Force Archer", "Force Shielder" and "Force Blader" did not originate from the Tower of Sages like other third-style battle. Third battle style was developed independently over hundreds of years since Nevareth Exodus. In the past, the three battle style is called "Force Handlers", but the terminology it can now be imposed on all types of Battle Style.

Of the three independent style of this battle, "Force Archer" comes from the Wizard group. They are well aware of the possibility of the use of magic spell over long distances. Then, they explore different ways to enhance this potential. It was common knowledge among the Force Handler that the relationship between distance and space is inversely proportional relationship between space and power.

The founders of Force Archer in fact more devoted to the relation of distance and speed rather than space and power. This resulted in the creation of long-range force attack skills and the discovery of crystal, advanced variant of the Orb of the Wizard, which is used to control the force rather than strengthen it.

The discovery of this remarkable creep at another important discovery, "Astral Bow" that minimize the risk of decline in strength when using a remote force and increase the speed of the attack and controlling force at the same time. Astral Bow later became the springboard for the emergence of "Astral Weapon", the embodiment of the Force.
Not required high physical strength and agility in order to control the crystal. Force Archer's most famous as a warrior who rarely move compared to other knights with Battle Style. They are often recognizable as a knight who likes to wear "Battle Suit Set" from the Continent Pastor, who has a more capable defensive armor-the armor of light.

Force Archer who experienced force capable of launching attacks remotely as fast as lightning when they berlevel Force master in control. They can also launch deadly attacks into the enemy from a distance in a single pull of the bow.Force Shielder
Force Shielder
Persistent knight who use force to protect others FORCE SHIELDER

Crystal discovery opened up opportunities to create new types of force control. Shilder Force realizes that the force archer's Astral Bow can support-force distance control. Aware of this, Force Shielder learn how memapatkan force around cystal to force terpendar not collected while attacking the enemy. So, created what was later given the name Astral Shield.
The creation of Astral Shield opened a new history of weaponry Nevarethian. Astral Shield has a very Digdaya defense force until it could be used to carry out attacks. The Warrior and Blader are desperately looking for ways to fight and survive better switch into Force Shielder. They dreamed of defense without equal and a unique fighting style. So, they began to shed his old armor and wear heavy armor like the Warrior Armor Suit while still carrying the Astral Shield.
Force Shielder is the expert control of force at close range, meaning they can not do long distance attacks. By closing the gap this weakness, Force Shielder developing supporting magic spells which can increase the attack strength by manipulating outer forces near their bodies. This is what makes Force Shielder can be equated with the Wizard.

This revolutionary discovery spurred the emergence of a drastic change in Nevareth battle style. A Force Shielder must forge his physical strength to be able to carry the armor suits - the most powerful armor and most severe. They are also required to continue to deepen understanding of the force in order to maximize the ability to control force. A Force Shielder must not look at one eye dexterity that determines the precision of the attack because he could only use one sword to carry out attacks.

Force Shielder with long experience of fighting to understand the various ways of manipulating Astral Shields, and able to improve their defense if they master the control force at close range perfectly.Force Blader
Force Blader
Swordsman Sword with a Sword Force Blader shiny FORCE

The discovery of Crystal and the birth of Force Archer trigger the emergence of variants other than Battle Style Force Shielder. Because Force Blader Force Shielder emerged during with, both have many similarities. From the early days Nevareth, Nevarethian have dreamed of using swords and magic at the same time until the emergence of warrior who can fight well at close range and long distance is not an impossibility.

However, just a utopian dream in vain until the Force Archer and Force Shielder appear. Then, membuncahlah interest to learn the fighting style that combines magic and swordsmanship: Force Bladers.
In the beginning, Force Blader uses sword in one hand and a Force contoller in the other. Unlike his brother who is more defensive Force Shielder, Force Blader fighter Agility great importance in order to sharpen the accuracy of their attacks. No doubt, with the same reason, they avoid the heavier armor than Battlesuit like Armoursuit sets. So in order to support their offensive side, the force archer prefer Orb, which is more destructive rather than only serves to control the Force alone.

Research in order to sharpen the battle style Agility Force Blader successfully sharpen them. Still, the research does not provide maximum results. Agility Force Blader Sword skill has not been commensurate Blader. Not to mention, Force Blader magic abilities are still losing a match when juxtaposed with the ability of Force Archer and Wizard magic. Force Blader is also not able to launch a support magic spells like Force Shielder. This forced the Force Blader struggled to keep pace with them. Force Blader must immediately find a gap to raise their superiority. Finally, after a through research that stretched over several days, Blader Force fighter finally realized how to reinforce their strength: the use of swords and magic simultaneously. Thus, the birth of a new battle skill that is named?? Magic Sword Skills??. This long road is impassable to bear the Magic Swordsman Sword.
Since the Force Blader be adept at sword play and master the magic, they train their physical strength and intelligence in a balanced manner. Although, not so many Magic Sword Skills to be learned, Force Blader still combines sword and magic skills when attacking. That said, Force Blader with a full dining salt battle on the mainland Nevareth able to combine all the magic spell with their sword skills. Force Blader class is also capable of causing more severe damage on their opponents by mastering the technique of combining magic and sword skill skill.




Pertama kali yang harus kamu lakukan adalah memiliki sebuah client atau
program kecil untuk mengantarmu ke dunia Tantra. Caranya gimana?

Silahkan kamu ikutin petunjuk-petunjuknya di bawah ini.

1. Kebutuhan Sistem (System Requirements)

Agar dapat bermain tantra tanpa ada masalah, lebih baik lihat spesifikasi
komputermu terlebih dahulu. Karena dengan spesifikasi tertentu bisa
mempengaruhi jalannya permainan. Lebih baik kamu lihat tabel di bawah ini
terlebih dahulu.
Spesifikasi Minimum
RAM : 256MB
Prosesor : Pentium III 800 Mhz.
VGA : 16 MB 3D Video Card.
HDD : 1,2 GB.
Sistem Operasi : Windows 98 ME, Windows 2000,
Windows XP.
DirectX : 8.1
Spesifikasi yang dianjurkan
RAM : 512 MB atau lebih tinggi.
Prosesor : Pentium 4 1,4 Mhz atau lebih tinggi.
VGA : 64 MB 3D Video Card atau lebih tinggi.
HDD : 1,2 GB atau lebih tinggi.
Sistem Operasi : Windows XP atau lebih tinggi.
DirectX : 9.0 atau lebih tinggi.
Setelah instalasi selesai, saatnya kita masuk ke dunia tantra yang telah dinantikan. Ayo ikuti lagi langkah-langkah berikut.

1. Registrasi ID

Kamu nggak bisa bermain tantra kalau belum memiliki ID tantra. Cara untuk
mendapatkan ID sangat mudah, yaitu dengan mendaftarkan diri kamu di
bagian registrasi di dalam web Tantra Online. Lengkapi data-data kamu di
sana dan BAM!!! Sebuah ID plus password telah kamu punyai, jangan lupa
untuk menyimpannya baik-baik ya.

2. Launcher Tantra

Setelah memiliki ID dan password, klik icon shortcut tantra online indonesia
yang ada di desktop komputer kamu.
Bentuk iconnya akan muncul seperti ini.

Tidak lama kemudian akan muncul sebuah layar kecil yang bernama Tantra Launcher.
Launcher ini fungsinya untuk memberikan info Tantra terbaru dan patching untuk update Tantra. Selain itu ada beberapa menu sebagai berikut:

• Start Game
Kalau mau langsung main, langsung aja tekan tombol ini.

• File Check
Klik ini untuk melakukan patching update Tantra terbaru.

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